Waar mense nuut word: Gees, Siel en Liggaam.

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Wat om te verwag / What to expect

 Skool begin 15 JANUARIE 2018


  • 08:30 - 15:00

Bible School – TICU 

Module 1:

  • CC101: Christian Foundations
    CC102: Knowing God’s Voice
    CC103: The Five-Fold Prayer
    CC104: Old Testament Survey
    CC105: New Testament Survey
    CC106: Christian Ethics
    CC107: Releasing your Divine Call
    CC108: Biblical Excellence
    CC109: The Spiritual Harvest
    CC110: Spiritual Battlefields

Module 2:

  • DC201: Learning to lead in ministry
    DC202: The Book of Ephesians
    DC203: Supernatural Healing & Health
    DC204: Supernatural Gifts
    DC205: Praise and Worship
    DC206: Preparing for Ministry
    DC207: Kingdom Principles
    DC208: Anointed for Ministry
    DC209: The 21st Century Church
    DC210: Environmental Analysis 3

 Wat om nog te verwag / What to expect next

  •  First Aid course
    Financial planning
    Leadership seminar
    Healing crusade
    Prophetic course
    Community outreaches
    Day care centre – play with children
  •  Community outreaches,
    Visiting Old Age homes - with program
    Prayer walks
    Much more …..
We need YOU to be part of this GAP YEAR
  • Prayer warriors
    Mother or Father to adopt a son/daughter
    Financial Support
    Your Time to invest in the students
    Put a flyer in SOMEONE’s hand

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